About Our Business
My father started doing carpentry on his own back in 1971. During
summer vacations from school I worked with my father remodeling a lot
of kitchens. He showed me how to build cabinets in place and construct
counter tops from sheets of formica. In 1977 he added a new venture to
his business. Blown-in cellulose fiber. That is when he bought a Ford
E-350 14 foot box truck and the equipment to insulate. I joined him full
time in 1979 after high School. For the next several years we kept very
busy insulating homes around the area and doing vinyl siding jobs in
between. After the rush to insulate houses started to died down we could
concentrate more on remodeling. We still found ourselves putting on a
lot of vinyl siding and trim. I became very good at bending trim to fit all
kinds of fancy moldings around doors, windows, and over hangs. The
training I received in metal shop from high School helped me greatly.
About Us
We also do rough and finish carpentry. From framing to the final details. As
you can see in the pictures below.